Commercial Doors & Hardware


Commercial Doors & Hardware

Boone County Millwork is the area’s most complete resource for architects and contractors engaged in designing and building commercial projects.

We fabricate steel windows and doors to your exacting specifications in our own shop, maintaining control of the product for the entire process from estimating through delivery and installation, if desired.

We warehouse many of the common components such as doors, frames and hardware which let s us accommodate customers in need of fast turnaround.

Our capabilities go beyond typical commercial doors and hardware. We are also equipped to supply windows and common wood interior doors, jambs and trim.

Whether you are interested in new construction, historic preservation or standard window replacement, we have the expertise to guide you smoothly through the process. We can meet the most demanding specifications utilizing a variety of window manufacturers.

Our custom door shop, dedicated to interior products, will manufacture doors and jambs with machining and pre hung options per specification. Couple the variety of products with our in-house prefinish options, paint or stain, and you will begin to see the assortment of services we offer.

Our unique capabilities often result in significant time and cost savings for customers who can utilize a single source for planning, estimating, fabricating and delivery of both common residential interior components and commercial products.